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Diploma in Financial Market Management(DFMM)

About "DFMM" Diploma in financial market management is a 6-month industry-oriented course specially designed for those who want to make their career in financial institutions, broking houses, research houses, depository houses, want to work as an arbitrager, director or manager, investor or trader. This course provides a strong theoretical as well as practical knowledge about stock market end-to-end operations. This course is categorized into 6 modules capital market, derivative market, commodity market, currency market, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. The capital market module covers cash or equity trading, the derivative module covers future trading ( future and options / f&o), the commodity module covers metals, energy, agro, and billions trading & training, the currency module covers forex trading, technical, and fundamental analysis module covers analysis of all these markets either it is Indian market or the world market.

• Job-oriented course - Placement assistance in classroom training courses.
•Course is endorsed by Stock broking companies, equity advisory, and investment banking companies in PAN INDIA.
•Be an expert / professional in the financial market and stock market in 6 months.
•Faculty having more than 5-10 years of experience.
•Practical on live software used in trading and research
•Practice online on mock test papers.
•Lab facilities for students.
•Mock interview by industry experts.
•98 % placement records.

Capital Market

Derivative Market

Currency Derivative Market

Commodity Market

Fundamental Analysis 

Technical Analysis

Diploma certification from IDFL (Autonomous)

Module 1: Basic knowledge about the Financial Market

•Introduction to the world of the financial market

•How the market Operates

•Major market participants

•Major regulators and their deities and responsibilities

•Major exchanges and indices

•Introduction trading software 

Module 2: Capital Market (Theory & Practical) 

•Basic knowledge of the capital market (Primary market & Secondary Market)

•Trading and Trading Membership

•Trading, Clearing and Settlement

•Agency Involved in Trading, Clearing and Settlement Process

•Legal Framework

•Fundamental Valuation concepts

•Practical Classes daily from 10.00 am-03.30 pm (on live trading and methodology)

•Online Mock test (1000 Question & answer test series) of Capital market module







Module 3: Derivatives Market & its Operations 

•Introduction to Derivatives, Type of derivative contracts

•Understanding of future, forward, option, and SWAP

•Future contracts, Mechanism & pricing of Forward contracts

•Understanding of Options and its (call & put)

•Trading, Clearing and Settlement, Risk Management in Derivatives

•Regulatory Frame Work

•Accounting of Derivatives

•Practical Classes daily from 10.00 am-03.30 pm

•Online Mock test (500 Question & answer test series) of Derivative market module

Module 4: Commodity & Currency Market Operations 

•Understanding Commodity Market

•Live Trading in Commodities- MCX and NCDEX

•International commodity vs. domestic Commodity

•Currency Derivative and its History

•Forward, Future, and Options of currency derivative

•Trading, clearing, settlement & Risk Management of currency Future

•Different Strategy Used for Currency Derivative Trading

•Live Trading practices (10 Hours) in the currency derivative segment

•Online Mock test (500 Question & answer test series)  

Module 5: Technical Analysis and its Application 

•Basic understanding of Technical Analysis

•Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis

•Candle Charts and Pattern study (Theory + Practical)

•Major Indicators used for making decisions in buying and selling stocks

•Different Tools used for trading strategy

•DOW theory and ELLIOT wave theory

•Live Technical Analysis on Real–Time Software.

Module 6: Fundamental Analysis 

•Overview of Financial Markets

•Economic Analysis & Industry Analysis

•Company Analysis

•Interpretation of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flow, etc.)

•Ratio Analysis (Multiple Ratios)

•Fund Flow Analysis

•Time Value of Money & Valuation of Equity

•Economic Value Add (EVA)


After completing the Diploma certification one can pursue his/her career in Indian and International broking houses, Banks, Asset Management Companies, Hedge accounts, PE funds, NBFCs, KPOs, and credit rating Agency

 Career Opportunity

Dealing & Service Vertical Operation Vertical

 Dealer       Executive - Risk

 Investment Advisor Executive - Operation

Service Executive Executive - KYC

Relationship Executive Executive – feedback

Relationship Manager Executive - compliance

Sr. Service Executive Executive - FDS

Branch Manager


Asst Manager / RM

Sr. Executive


Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5




The candidate should Minimum 12th (Higher secondary) pass from any reorganization institution. We always recommend the candidate pass at least a bachelor's degree so that it will be a bit easier to provide placements.

*placement assistance refers to (After completion of 6 modules covered in the diploma course)


25% off

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