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Join Hands with IDFL (Intellus Direct Finance Learning), commonly known as “IDFL,” extends its services to offer diplomas, certifications, and training in Financial Markets, including the stock market, forex market, commodity market, financial accounting, business taxation, and GST training. These programs are designed for individuals, corporations, and professionals operating within the financial and accounting sectors throughout India. Currently, IDFL is actively seeking franchise partners all across India. This presents a distinctive opportunity for both individuals and companies.
To explore this business venture further, we encourage those interested in franchise opportunities to reach out to our corporate office. Here, you can engage in discussions about the business model and its potential. If you find the proposition appealing, you may visit our head office for more in-depth conversations and clarifications. Subsequently, our franchise manager will visit your intended location for the institute. If our representative determines that the location is suitable, they will collect the necessary documents to proceed with the franchise agreement.

Upon the signing of the agreement, we will furnish you with a franchise kit. This comprehensive kit includes materials such as boards, posters, vinyl posters, brochures, canopies, banners, admission and inquiry forms, counseling pads, pamphlets, visiting cards, access to the IDFL email, an admin panel for managing website inquiries, as well as training and assistance in staff recruitment. Before the institute’s opening, we will notify all sub-brokers in the city and state via SMS and email regarding the branch’s impending launch. We can also arrange a seminar on the various courses offered by IDFL, although the franchisee is responsible for the related arrangements and expenses.

We take dedicated measures to ensure the smooth operation of the franchise and to help it meet revenue expectations. For this purpose, we provide a range of marketing and operational support. As part of our marketing support, we supply collateral materials to aid the franchise in their promotional campaigns. Additionally, our corporate office organizes various promotional initiatives to boost sales at the franchise level. As a component of our ongoing operational support, trainers from the corporate office will educate the franchise's faculty, trainers, and counselors. This training could encompass the introduction of new technologies or the enhancement of existing knowledge in a specific area. Advantages of Becoming an IDFL Franchisee:
  1. There exists a substantial and consistent demand in the market.

  2. IDFL stands out as the premier institute in India for stock market courses, financial market classes, financial accounting and business taxation courses, and GST training.

  3. The market segment is not saturated, offering a timely opportunity for entry.

  4. Competition is limited and outdated.

  5. You benefit from robust training and continued support from a franchisor genuinely committed to your success.

  6. The potential to secure exclusive rights and establish a dominant presence in your territory.

  7. Multiple markets and revenue sources are available.



IDFL is a pioneer in delivering both short-term and long-term Stock Market Courses, financial accounting, and business taxation courses, offering 100% job placement assistance and hands-on experience in practical/live trading.
IDFL is actively seeking entrepreneurs to become part of its franchise network across India.
Support: IDFL provides comprehensive support for its franchisees, encompassing operations, technology, marketing, advertising, training, placement, exam administration, and certification.

IDFL Franchise FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding IDFL franchise opportunities

  • Profile of an IDFL Franchisee:

Q-1. Who can become an IDFL Franchisee?

Ans- An individual or a company that is well-networked, has the ability to market various training products, and seeks to gain recognition and financial success.

  • Franchise Agreement:

Q-2. What is the duration of the Franchisee Agreement?

Ans- The agreement is for 5 years and can be renewed upon mutual agreement.

  • Approval Timeframe:

Q-3. How long does it take to get approval for opening an IDFL center after submitting an application?

Ans- The approval process generally takes around 7 days.

  • Manpower Requirement:

Q-4. How many staff members are required to open a franchise?

Ans- A franchisee needs to have 1 Center Manager, 1-2 Counselors, 2 Marketing Executives, 1-2 Faculty, and 1 Receptionist.

  • Fee and Royalty Negotiation:

Q-5. Is it possible to negotiate the Franchisee fee and royalty?

Ans- No, both the Franchisee fee and royalty are non-negotiable.

  • Infrastructure and Space Requirements:

Q-6. What are the minimum space and infrastructure requirements for setting up a center?

Ans- The minimum available floor space should be between 1000 to 2000 square feet, and infrastructure requirements vary based on city classifications.

  • Experience Requirement:

Q-7. Is prior experience in the Financial market/training industry necessary for setting up a franchise?

Ans- No, prior experience is not mandatory. IDFL provides training to operate the franchise.

  • Support and Assistance:

Q-8. How does IDFL assist with staff recruitment and day-to-day operations?

Ans- IDFL offers guidance and training for recruitment and day-to-day operations.

  • Marketing Support:

Q-9. What kind of marketing support can a franchise expect from IDFL?

Ans- IDFL provides marketing materials periodically and facilitates digital marketing. However, the franchise is responsible for organizing seminars and sharing the cost of specific advertisements.

  • Franchise Benefits:

Q-10. Why choose IDFL Franchisee?

Ans- IDFL offers a unique opportunity due to significant market demand, weak competition, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, as well as the potential to establish a dominant presence in the territory with multiple revenue sources.

For any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us.