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Equity Research Certification

Equity Research Analysis Module certification covers an in-depth understanding of Data Mining and Data Analysis. With live examples, students will be taught both qualitative and quantitative aspects of company analysis. Equity Research Analysts follow trends in specific industries, supervise research on companies of the respective sectors, and choose what to buy, sell, or hold in the portfolios. The course will provide end-to-end knowledge on how to value a business from scratch. The course will prepare participants for the equity research certification course & get certified by the IDFL institutes.

• Job-oriented and job upgradation training program.
•Program endorsed by financial institutions, investment bankers, and banks.
•Be an equity research expert in 2-3 months
•Qualified faculty with good knowledge and 8-10 years of experience.
•Live Assignments case studies of the stock market with real-life examples
•Live & desk cases on companies
•Understanding analyst presentations
•Review on current macro & micro trends.
•Review Global trends like the Eurozone crisis, Oil crisis, IT visa issues, etc.

•Certification from IDFL.
•Free mock test for preparation for the NSE exam
•Will understand how to calculate the actual value of a company.
•Will understand how to calculate the actual value of a share.
•Will become a certified equity research analyst to get a job in broking houses, research houses, and financial institutions.
•Will help in acquisition, mergers, and investment banking.

Module 1: Understanding Financial Jargon

• Overview of NSE BSE MCX etc.

• Understanding Income statements

• Balance sheet Analysis

• Cashflow Analysis 

• Brief on various software

• How do capital Markets work worldwide

• Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

• Top-down and Bottom-up Approach

Module 2: Industry & Company Analysis

•Macro & Micro Aspects about stock markets

•Markets affected by IIP, Inflation, PMI, Monetary Policy etc.

•Regression Analysis & Anova distribution

•Correlation & Covariance Analysis

•Financial terminology such as Buy back, Bonus, Corporate Actions, etc.

 Module 3: Analysts tools & usage• Quarterly Results Analysis

•Annual Reports Analysis

•Management Discussion

•Directors Reports

•How to read the Company Annual Report & DRHP

•NPV & IRR Rules


•Statistical concepts & Market Returns

•Demand Supply & Elasticity Concepts

•Comparative Analysis.

•IPO Analysis

 Module 4: Stock Analysis Techniques• Stock Portfolio model.

•Descriptive Statistics Models.

•Understanding Standard Deviation & Variance.

•Understanding CAL, SML & CML equations.

•Markowitz Modern portfolio model.

•Skewness, Kurtosis & Range.

•Net Asset Value Analysis.

•Canslim Model by William J. ONeil

•Relative & Comps Techniques.

•Dividend Discount Model.

Module 5: Decoding Ratios

•Ratio Analysis e.g. ICR, Debt Equity, Pat margin, Debtors equity, etc.

•Step Wise Dupoint Analysis

•Sharpe &Treynor Ratio, Alpha & Beta Analysis

•PE, EPS, ROI, ROA Analysis

•Capital Budgeting & Cost of Capital

•Capital Asset Pricing Model

•Weak form, semi-strong form, and strong form market efficiency

 Module 6: Stock Market Basics & Role of Buy Side and Sell Side Analysts• Company Analysis – Qualitative Dimensions

•Company Analysis – Quantitative Dimensions

•Banking Sector Terminology

•Mutual Fund Analysis.

•Basic Use of Excel and techniques.

•Qualities of a Good Research Report

 Module 7: Discounted Cash Flow Approach• Time value of Money

•Forecasting Techniques.

•Revenue Builders.

•Building the asset and depreciation schedule.

•Building P&L & Balance sheet.

•Building Assumptions & Debt Schedule.

•Understanding FCFF, FCFI.

•Building Capex Schedule.

•Decoding Ke,Kd&Kp with WACC.

•CAPM and its understanding.


 Module 8: Derivatives & Fixed Income• Understanding Concepts

• Understanding Calculators

• Basics Of Derivatives

• Forwards & Futures 

• Put-Call Parity 

• Basic Hedging strategies for Analysts

 Module 9: Other Important Concepts• Live & Desk Cases on companies

•Knowledge sessions on undervalued & overvalued stocks

•Understanding Analyst Presentations

•Review on current Macro & Micro trends.

•Review Global trends like the Eurozone crisis, Oil crisis, IT visa issues, etc.

•Sessions will include a mid-term and an end-term examination.


Candidate can make their career as equity research analysts and fundamental analysts in broking houses, research houses, PMS companies, investment banking companies, mergers, and acquisition consultancy companies.

Minimum Criteria student pursuing 2nd Year or above in Bachelors Degree.


25% off

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