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IDFL Certified Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling is applied in several areas of Banking, Stock Markets, Equity Research, Big Data Analytics, etc. This module provides in-depth knowledge of Equity Research and the usage of Big data in the process of decision-making with respect to stock markets. Financial Modeling helps in a company’s end-to-end valuations through forecasting and assumptions techniques. Reading the annual report, analyzing the data, and Excel proficiency are extremely important for an analyst day to day-to-day job, hence the course provides a thorough understanding of clarity and concepts of predictive modeling techniques related to stock markets. The faculties of NIFM have expertise in value calculation by using financial modeling. It is totally based on the advanced use of Excel to find valuations through different models in financial modeling.

•Job upgrade course with classroom training course.
•Program endorsed by leading banks, financial institutions, and stock brokers.
•Be a Financial Modeling Expert in 2-3 months
•Faculty from top-notch banks, financial institutions, and stock brokers having more than 10 years of experience.
•Live Assignments case studies of company valuations with live examples
•Get certified by IDFL.
•Live & Desk Cases on companies
•Understanding Analyst Presentations

•Certification from IDFL.
•Learn financial modeling through Excel and advanced Excel.
•Learn to calculate the value of a company & share.

Module 1: Overview of Financial Jargon

• Basics Of Finance & Markets

• Macro & Micro Trends & Impact

• Understanding Basic Excel.

• Forecasting Techniques.

• Overview of NSE, BSE & MCX

• Data Mining Techniques.

• Annual Report Analysis.

• Financial Statements Analysis.

• Cash Flows Analysis.

• Balance Sheet Analysis.

• Financial Ratios and their uses.

• Du-point Analysis.

• Quarterly Results Analysis.

• Earning Per share, PE& ROI Analysis.

• IPO Valuation.

Module 2: Excel Shortcut

•Understanding and crafting a financial model template.

•Familiarizing with Excel shortcut keys.

•Text, Rounding, left, right, Date functions, Concatinate, etc.

•Index, Index Match, Nested If, Sum If, Count If, Hyperlink.

•Vlook up, Hlook up, Sum Total, Paste Special.

•Conditional Formating, Basic Charting, Goal Seek & Scenario Manager.

•Solver,Basic Macros & Form Control Techniques.

•Bar, Pie, area, surface, radar charts, etc.

 Module 3: Economics on Excel• Regression, Anova.

•Understanding Dependent and independent variables

•Understanding R, Significance error & Intercept.

•Correlation, Covariance & Standard Deviation.

•Beta Analysis.

•PV FV & Bond Valuation


•Forecasting with Excel.

•Basic Black & Scholes.

•Report writing technique and Software knowledge.

 Module 4: Discounted Cash Flow Approach• Forecasting Techniques.

•Revenue Builders.

•Building the asset and depreciation schedule.

•Building P&L & Balance sheet.

•Building Assumptions & Debt Schedule.

•Building Capex Schedule.

•Decoding Ke, Kd & Kp with WACC.

•CAPM and its understanding.

Module 5: Risk & Return Models

•Stock Portfolio model.

•Descriptive Statistics Models.

•Understanding Standard Deviation & Variance.

•Understanding CAL, SML & CML equations.

•Markowitz Modern portfolio model.

•Skewness, Kurtosis & Range.

•Net Asset Value Analysis.

•Relative & Comps Techniques.

•Dividend Discount Model.

•Sessions will include a Midterm and an End-term examination.

Candidate can get a job as Group Manager - Acquisitions, Manager - Financial Modeling and audit, Project Manager - Financial Model, Conversion, Equity Research Analyst, VP/AVP - Debt Markets Advisory, Research Analyst - Economic Data, Business Analyst, Equity Research - India, Market Risk/Risk Management, Venture Analyst, Market Data Quantitative Analyst.

Minimum Criteria student pursuing 2nd Year or above in Bachelors Degree.


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