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IDFL Certified Masters in Trading & Investment Program(MTIP)

Masters in Trading & Investment Programme (MTIP) is the best-advanced fast-track course designed for stock market traders & investors. MTIP covers all basic to progressive curriculum a trader or investor requirement in stock market trading in Futures, Capital, Commodities, Currency, Forex, and Options Strategies. MTIP assures you become an advanced-level stock market expert in only 10 Days.

• Be a Stock Market Expert in only 10 Days
• A complete and comprehensive fast-track short-term period program for all those who wish to specialize in the stock market in a limited time.
• The course covers all basic to advanced level Technical Analysis.
• Learn trading fundamentals for all four markets: Capital, Currency, Commodity, and Derivatives.
• Understand overall cycles & patterns.
• Learn to make money consistently in the market.
• Learn how to pick the best buy/sell of stocks.
• Faculties with over 20+ years of experience in stock market trading.
• Practical on LIVE MARKET.
• New & Advance Money Making Strategies
• Unlimited practical hours
• Golden success rules for trading in the stock market.
• We help you to open a Demat Account with Free trading Software if required.
• Group access to our previous students, investors, traders, and expert community on WhatsApp.

• MTIP Course Certification from IDFL
• Books & Study Material
• Lifetime support from faculties.
• Get the support of online tutorial videos if required.

First Module: Introduction of Financial Market & its Operations

1. Capital

2. Derivative

3. Commodity

4. Currency

5. Debt Market

Second Module: Technical Analysis (Practical on Live Trading)

1. Introduction of Technical Analysis

2. Types of charts

3. Trend Lines

4. Candlestick Study

5. Support & Resistance

6. Chart Patterns

7. Indicator Analysis

8. Retracement Analysis

9. Fibonacci

10. Trading Psychology

Third Module: Fundamental Analysis (Practical on Live Trading)

1. Global Market Research

2. Event Analysis

3. News Analysis

4. Corporate Actions Analysis

5. Sector Analysis

6. Company Analysis

7. Ratio Analysis

8. Data Analysis

Fourth Module: Options

1. Introduction of Options

2. Options Strategies

a. Loag Call

b. Short Call

c. Long Put

d. Short Put

e. Synthetic Loag Call

f. Covered Call

g. Long Combo

h. Synthetic Long Put / Protective Call

i. Covered Put

J. Long Straddle / Short Straddle

K. Long Strangle & Short Strangle

l. Collar Strategy

m.BULL Call Spread Strategy

n. BULL Put Spread Strategy

o. BEAR Call Spread strategy

p. BEAR Put Spread Strategy

q. Long Call Butterfly Strategy

r. Short call Butterfly Strategy

s. Long Put Butterfly Strategy

t. Short Put Butterfly Strategy

Fifth Module: Practical Training Sessions

1. Practical Training Sessions

2. Applications of study


You can be your own boss, do self-investment and manage your funds, can do business and guide others to investing in shares or commodities.

A person needs to have a minimum 10+2 qualification to enroll for an MTIP course. MTIP is a course to understand all the aspects of stock market trading & analysis and make you qualified to do confidently trade in the stock market to make the best trades and make money.


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